Responsible Gaming

Mostbet is one of those companies that take great care to ensure that playing there is fair. It operates legally and requires its users to play responsibly and fairly in return.

The company positions its services only as entertainment and not as an opportunity to make money. You should remember that gambling and betting always involve risk, and you can lose your bankroll quickly. Therefore, it is important to treat gambling as entertainment and spend on bets and casino games only money that will not harm your budget. Be vigilant and carry out regular self-monitoring the main principles of which are mentioned below.

Play responsibly with Mostbet in Pakistan

Transaction and betting history

For better control of your activities on our site, you can use the Bets History tab. Here you can track all your interactions with Mostbet, see how much money you have spent on bets and games, and analyze your transactions.

History of rates at Mostbet


Gambling-related problems can often be avoided by practicing regular self-examination for the presence of addictive tendencies. The list of questions provided below should help achieve your goal. Ask yourself to figure out if you spend a lot of time and money on gaming:

Self-monitoring at Mostbet
  • Have you ever felt you gamble excessively?
  • Have you ever lied about the amount of time or money you spend gambling?
  • Do disappointments and frustrations push you to start gambling?
  • Do you typically play casino games alone?
  • Do your gaming habits cause you to be late or miss work?
  • Do you sometimes turn to gambling to forget about your problems and bad mood?
  • Do you take money for your gambling from the funds contributed to everyday expenses?
  • Have you found that gambling makes you spend less time with your relatives and close people?
  • When you’re unsuccessful, do you ever find yourself wishing for winning back?
  • When you run out of money from gambling, are you left with dissatisfaction and a strong want to wager again?
  • Have you ever bet or gambled with your last money?
  • Have you ever stolen or borrowed money to cover a loss or fund a gaming session?
  • Does your gambling lead you to experience mental anguish?

If you responded “yes” to at least two of the questions presented above, we strongly suggest that you get in touch with one of the organizations listed below.


Those who have concerns about their gambling habits and have chosen to stop their activities at our site can do so in accordance with our self-exclusion policy.

You can voluntarily stop using Mostbet for a set period of time: from 6 months to 5 years. It is also possible to self-exclude on a permanent basis. You can do this at any time you like; please contact a support team to do so.

Excluding yourself from Mostbet

Help for gamblers with addiction problems

If you realize that you can become or have already become addicted, or maybe you have noticed an addiction in someone close to you, then you can seek help from qualified and competent organizations. There you will be able to get counseling and find possible solutions to your problem. Here are the contacts of the best organizations known around the world.

Support from other companies to MostBet players


There is no other government body that can compare to GamCare in terms of its ability to assist those who are struggling with a gambling addiction.

You may reach them by phone at +44 808 8020 133 or through the website.

Support for Mostbet players from GamBlock

Gambling Therapy

Gambling Therapy is an organization that provides addictive gamblers from all over the world with access to both discrete phone support and a secure online community.

Help for Mostbet players from Gambling Therapy

Be Gamble Aware

BeGambleAware® is managed by the Responsible Gambling Trust. This organization educates people so that they can make responsible gaming decisions.

Help for Mostbet players from Be Gamble Aware

Gamblers Anonymous

Members of Gamblers Anonymous come from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultural traditions. Their goal is to beat their gambling addiction and assist others who struggle with the same issue.

Help for Mostbet players from Gamblers Anonymous


GamBlock assists those struggling with gambling addictions by obstructing their access to online gambling sites.

Support for Mostbet players from GamBlock