Privacy Policy

Mostbet (hereinafter “we”) uses the data that you provide to us on the basis of the rules described in this Policy. This applies to data transmitted to us via or by any other means. By submitting your personal details on our website, you confirm that you have read this document and accept all of the points described in it.

If after reading the information on this page you feel that the rules set out are not fair to you and you do not agree with this policy, then you can’t use our services. After all, all disputes will be resolved on the basis of this official Document. You need to accept these rules during registration.

Mostbet Pakistan Privacy Policy

The process of collecting data

Here are examples of information we can collect about you:

  • All of the data you provide to us through our various online forms, as well as any other data you send us through communication methods, including email, will be saved in a database;
  • Records of your communications with us by any means at your disposal, including mail, fax, phone, or the Internet;
  • Details on your financial dealings, including payment ID, date, amount, and method. No credit card details are stored on our servers;
  • Details about your website use, such as the frequency and duration of your visits, your IP address, and the pages you view.
Collection of information about Mostbet customers

Utilization of Client Details

All of your personally identifiable data may be utilized on our website to do the following:

  • Online payments processing;
  • Handling your wagers and interactions with the company’s products;
  • Setting up accounts and their management;
  • Legal compliance;
  • Monitoring transactions to prevent fraud, illegal betting, and money laundering;
  • Providing you with advertisements and services to which you have consented.

If you wish to unsubscribe from receiving the company’s promotional offers, there is an option on the site. Reach your account settings to do this.

Using the details of MostBet Players

Disclosure of player credentials to third parties

As a player of the company, you need to be assured that we will do everything we can to protect your credentials and keep them confidential. However, we also notify you that we may disclose your personal records if required to do so by law.

Transfer of MostBet Players Data to Third Parties

Fighting fraud

Fraud is a very serious problem nowadays, which is why the company Mostbet uses all possible methods to protect its players and fight against scammers. What can be considered fraud and why your account might be regarded as suspicious? There are two important points here:

  • When a player tries to hide their personal data or doesn’t provide valid ID documents;
  • When a player tries to use the money that he obtained illegally. They deposit their accounts with illegal funds and try to launder them by making financial transactions on the site.

These points are clear signs of fraud.

Fight against fraudsters at Mostbet